• Spektikor is a lightweight, clinical grade heart beat indicator for use by medical care professionals. Providing instant heart rate in emergency situations.

  • Spektikor enables faster first aid workflow with continuous, at a glance, multi-patient heart rate indication.

  • Weighs only 32 grams versus 6 kilograms of an ECG-device.


Medica 13-16 November 2017

Visit Us at the Medica 2017 on the 13-16th of November in Düsseldorf, Germany. We'll be located at the hall 15 booth E55.

Japan Life Science Week and HealthCare IT 2017

Global spotlight will be put on Tokyo on 19-21 April, as one of the biggest events related to ICT products and services for healthcare industry in Japan will be held there. Spektikor is participating in HealthCare IT together with Business Oulu, Optomed, Office Yui Europe,

MedTec 2017 on 4-5 April in Stuttgart

Visit us at the MedTec 2017 on 4-5 April in Stuttgart. We'll be located at the stand 1K 40.


Instant, automatic and standalone heart beat indicator

Spektikor is a wearable heart beat indicator. It indicates patient’s heart beat grade without tools, disinfectant or electricity. Patient’s condition is clearly visualized and can be monitored in every situation also in the dark, sun or rain, in noisy environments or during transport.


Multiple patient’s heart rate at a glance

Spektikor makes it possible to monitor multiple severely injured patients heart beat simultaneously, at a glance. With Spektikor it is easy to notice any critical changes in a patient’s condition from a distance.

Faster patient prioritization

Spektikor reveals whose heart rate indicates the need for immediate attention. Led lights indicate changes in patient’s condition. It makes prioritizing patient faster in case of accidents and disasters, in ambulances, or at emergency departments.


Monitor the heart rate easily, without interruption

Monitor the patient’s heart rate for up to ten hours without interrupting other tasks. A blinking blue light indicates the normal heart rate, a blinking red indicates deviations from the heart rate zone of 40-120. You can assess the situation in the blink of an eye and notice any critical changes in a patient’s condition from a distance.

Red light DHBI-1

Immediately ready for use

Spektikor is ready for use without tools, disinfectant or electricity. The device is automatically on after you have removed the packaging and attached the indicator to a patient’s body like any ECG-electrode. Then place the LED unit on a clearly visible place. Now you can monitor a patient’s heart rate in the dark, sun or rain, in noisy environments or during transport.

Remove the packaging, attach the device and move the indicator to a clearly visible place. The device works up to 20 hours in all conditions.

An heart beat device in your pocket

Spektikor is the world’s smallest and handiest portable heart beat detector. It visualises the heart rate and makes uninterrupted monitoring easy. The size of two business cards (149 x 54 mm), it weighs just 40 grams and is 15 mm thick. A couple of heart beat indicators can easily fit in your pocket.

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