10 08, 2015

Spektikor presented with the European Defense Agency

Spektikor Press release 10.8.2015 (pdf) Oulu-based company Spektikor has been invited to the European Defence Agency EDA seminar that handles field medicine innovations. Seminar will be held in late September. In total 14 companies has been invited for the seminar – among others Airbus, Phillips and Marshall. “Our company’s disposable heart beat indicator has attracted great interest in Europe. For us invitation to the seminar organized by the European Defence Agency is an excellent opportunity to tell about our product

2 08, 2015

Spektikor in use of first aid teams in mass events

Spektikor Press release 2.8.2015 (pdf) Disposable heart beat indicator developed by Oulu-based company Spektikor LTD has been in use of primary care teams during summer in several mass events, from Herättäjäjuhla to Ilosaari Rock and Pori Jazz and the past weekend Kaleva Championships. The campaign was carried out in cooperation with Finland Red Cross local branches and Acuutti Assistance Association. Also first aid team of Qstock festival used Spektikor heart rate indicators. "In first-aid situations usage of Spektikor was quick

1 07, 2015

Use of Spektikor ECG-indicator expand to basic medical care

Spektikor Press release 30.6.2015 (pdf) Oulu University Hospital has extended the use of Spektikor to basic medical care. During rush hours, the patients in need for constant observation wait along the corridor while Spektikor helps the medical staff to monitor patients’ condition efficiently. Monitoring is often needed also during patient transfer inside the hospital. The cordless and lightweight heart rate indicator is easily movable with the patient. According to Juha Kippola, the assistant head of the Oulu region joint emergency

25 05, 2015

Defense force and health care districts use Spektikor in Finland

Spektikor Press release 25.5.2015 (pdf) Spektikor user base grows in Finland. Disposable heart rate indicator developed by Oulu-based company Spektikor has redeemed its place as an accessory for first aid in Finland: First aid teams in hospital districts have been widely taken the product into use. The Defense Force tested the product first time in 2012, and has expanded its use for international Crisis Management forces. New, with numeric display equipped model, shows the actual heart rate value and enables

8 05, 2015

The disposable heart rate indicator widely used in Finland

User base of Spektikor disposable heart rate detector is growing strongly in Finland. Doctors, paramedics and department managers have positively received Spektikor. The disposable heart beat indicator is now in use in ambulances and paramedic teams in nine hospital districts: it is delivered to the West Bottom, Oulu University Hospital, Kainuu, Central Ostrobothnia, Vaasa, Seinäjoki, Kuopio, North Karelia and South Savo. At South Ostrobothnia Spektikor is in test mode. Spektikor heart rate detector suits well as an alternative for ECG

28 07, 2014

Spektikor’s new ECG-indicator is certified as a medical device

Spektikor Press release 28.7.2014 (pdf) Oulu-based company Spektikor Ltd has received a medical device certification for new version of disposable ECG-indicator. The company's quality management system and product functionality was evaluated by SGS. This is not a small effort for the Start-Up company. “The approval process with the new product started almost immediately after previous product launched to the market”, says CEO Kari Kivistö. In the new version heart beat is indicated with numbers normal heart rate level is indicated

9 07, 2013

NATO- contract to Spektikor

Oulu-based Start Up -Company Spektikor has concluded supply agreement with NATO. Disposable heart rate indicator developed by the company has been approved into the logistic system of NATO, and is available for NATO- counties and its partner countries. "In practice, NATO came at a time quite a large distributor to us. Through  the system, our products are available in all NATO and partner countries. In large quantities NATO can order products centrally and distribute them forward, "says CEO Kari Kivistö.

27 11, 2012

Spektikor’s ECG-indicator is certified as a medical device

Spektikor Press release 27.11.2012 (pdf) Oulu-based company Spektikor Ltd has received a medical device certification for patented disposable ECG-indicator. The company's quality management system and product functionality was evaluated by VTT. “This was a demanding and  big effort to the Startup- company, but at the same time we got a guarantee of the functional product”, says Managing Director Kari Kivistö. Device is intended for use by healthcare professionals to ease the work in first aid and follow-up tasks. The need

10 11, 2011

Spektikor receives an honorable mention at the 2011 Innofinland contest

Spektikor Press release 10.11.2011 (pdf) Northern Ostrobothnia Centre for Economic Development awarded Spektikor with honorable mention in INNOFINLAND 2011 competition. Northern Ostrobothnia contest with a jury handed out three awards and one honorable mention. Among others, the selection criterion included novelty and topicality of the innovation, degree of commercializes and chances of success on the domestic and foreign markets. Spektikor Ltd has developed a disposable heart rate indicator into the first-aid use for health care professionals. The product enables multi-patient

12 06, 2011

Spektikor is tested during a “Pyörremyrsky” (hurricane) military exercise

Spektikor Press release 12.6.2011 (pdf) Disposable heart rate indicator of Oulu-based company Spektikor Ltd  was tested in cooperation with the Military Medical Centre at Pyörremyrsky (Hurricane)-military exercise of Defense Forces. The product is intended for nursing and medical professionals to ease the monitoring of patients' heart rate. Previously the heart rate is measured by finger touch in emergency situations, now the LED of disposable heart rate detector shows whether the heart rate is on safe level. In the Pyörremyrsky-military exercise