Defense force and health care districts use Spektikor in Finland

Spektikor Press release 25.5.2015 (pdf)

Spektikor user base grows in Finland.

Disposable heart rate indicator developed by Oulu-based company Spektikor has redeemed its place as an accessory for first aid in Finland: First aid teams in hospital districts have been widely taken the product into use. The Defense Force tested the product first time in 2012, and has expanded its use for international Crisis Management forces.

New, with numeric display equipped model, shows the actual heart rate value and enables ECG follow up easily in
the dark and noisy environments or during transport.

Spektikor is option for ECG equipment for patient transfer and multi patient situations. 

The disposable heart beat indicator is well suited as an alternative to ECG equipment for patient transfers inside the hospital. Numeric heart beat display serves primarily in hospitals where the monitoring and reporting of heart rate is daily activity for nursing staff. Spektikor is in use already at nine health care districts.


The Finnish Defence Forces make use of disposable heart beat indicator.

The Finnish Defense Forces interested of Spektikor right after it came to market in 2012 and took it into test use. Since then, Spektikor has been used in training situations at home and in international crisis management troops as well as for example in Nordic Special Forces medical training last year. The product attracted international interests in training.

Feedback from Defense Force has been from the early stage of development very positive and the product has been improved in co-operation. ” The device should be available to all health care professionals in patient care, especially in places and situations where there are possible multi-patient situations. Measurement of heart rate by finger touch is difficult, or it can go wrong if the environment is noisy or there are poor lighting conditions. Spektikor enables easier monitoring of the heart rate and patient well-being, “says Army chief medical officer, medical Colonel Matti Lehesjoki.

Spektikor saves time for essential work and can save lives.

As new opening, the refineries of Neste Ltd. in Porvoo and Naantali in Finland have equipped factory fire brigades with Spektikor for possible major accidents. CEO Kari Kivistö from Spektikor says:” The disposable heart beat indicator suits well to all similar sites such as mines, shopping centers, factories and airports that are obliged to maintain emergency readiness for major accidents.”

The main benefit of Spektikor is a time saving to essential care, since the patient’s heart rate is no longer necessary to feel physically and critical changes in the patient’s condition are quickly noticeable.


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Spektikor Oy is a company that specializes in single-use medical electronic devices. Spektikor ECG-indicator was certified as a medical device for the first time in 2012 and the updated versions (DHBI-1 and DHBI-2) were certified at fall 2014. The company’s clientele consist of several hospital districts, refineries and the Finnish Defense Forces.