Spektikor in use of first aid teams in mass events

Spektikor Press release 2.8.2015 (pdf)

Disposable heart beat indicator developed by Oulu-based company Spektikor LTD has been in use of primary care teams during summer in several mass events, from Herättäjäjuhla to Ilosaari Rock and Pori Jazz and the past weekend Kaleva Championships. The campaign was carried out in cooperation with Finland Red Cross local branches and Acuutti Assistance Association.

Also first aid team of Qstock festival used Spektikor heart rate indicators. “In first-aid situations usage of Spektikor was quick and easy, which is essential. Spektikor would have been useful in many previous emergency situations, “says Qstock Festival emergency medical on-call person in charge Timo Kivimäki Acuutti Assistance Association.

In the mass events Spektikor is primarily used to follow up patients with heart symptoms and strong intoxication. The most significant benefit from Spektikor came as time saving and maintain of real-time status of patients. The device indicates the patient’s heart beat rate and expresses pulse frequency of the flickering LED lights.


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Spektikor Oy is a company that specializes in single-use medical electronic devices. Spektikor ECG-indicator was certified as a medical device for the first time in 2012 and the updated versions (DHBI-1 and DHBI-2) were certified at fall 2014. The company’s clientele consist of several hospital districts, refineries and the Finnish Defense Forces.