Spektikor is tested during a “Pyörremyrsky” (hurricane) military exercise

Spektikor Press release 12.6.2011 (pdf)

Disposable heart rate indicator of Oulu-based company Spektikor Ltd  was tested in cooperation with the Military Medical Centre at Pyörremyrsky (Hurricane)-military exercise of Defense Forces. The product is intended for nursing and medical professionals to ease the monitoring of patients’ heart rate.

Previously the heart rate is measured by finger touch in emergency situations, now the LED of disposable heart rate detector shows whether the heart rate is on safe level.

In the Pyörremyrsky-military exercise we tested the effectiveness of the product in situations where several patients were treated at same time. Among others we measured treatment times with and without heart beat indicator, and the results were good. Time saving of medical persons was significant and on the other hand, our products helped to detect the change in the patient’s condition much faster than a physical touch, says Spektikor Oy’s Managing Director Kari Kivistö.

Based to the received feedback, the product will be further developed during the autumn and winter.

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Founded in 2010 Spektikor Ltd is focusing on disposable medical device of an electronics company. Its products Spektikor wants to help medical persons to save time for essential care, the control and monitoring to automate devices and solutions.


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