Spektikor’s ECG-indicator is certified as a medical device

Spektikor Press release 27.11.2012 (pdf)

Oulu-based company Spektikor Ltd has received a medical device certification for patented disposable ECG-indicator. The company’s quality management system and product functionality was evaluated by VTT. “This was a demanding and  big effort to the Startup- company, but at the same time we got a guarantee of the functional product”, says Managing Director Kari Kivistö.

Device is intended for use by healthcare professionals to ease the work in first aid and follow-up tasks. The need for the device was confirmed by observing the paramedics in rescue exercise. “When we detected how much nurses’ spent time  in monitoring the status of the patients,  the need for the device that ease  and speeds up the patient’s heart rate monitoring, was confirmed.” says father of the idea Kari Kivistö.

Spektikor indicates the patient’s heart rate with light. Thus the patient’s heart rate can be monitored remotely without interrupting the ongoing treatment.

The new heart beat indicator has been invented in Oulu and the worldwide forecast is wild. “The device is simple and easy to use. It will be attached to the patient chest, and flashing light indicates the patient’s heart rate. The product saves medical personnel time when they no longer need to feel the pulse of the patient physically,” says Kivistö.

Oulu University Hospital, Defense Forces, and the Oulu University of Applied Sciences Social and Health Care Unit, as well as Tekes and the Foundation for Finnish Inventions have joined the development of the device. Production of patented product has started in the Oulu Technology Village.


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Founded in 2010 Spektikor Ltd is focusing on disposable medical device of an electronics company. Its products Spektikor wants to help medical persons to save time for essential care, the control and monitoring to automate devices and solutions.


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