The disposable heart rate indicator widely used in Finland

User base of Spektikor disposable heart rate detector is growing strongly in Finland. Doctors, paramedics and department managers have positively received Spektikor.

The disposable heart beat indicator is now in use in ambulances and paramedic teams in nine hospital districts: it is delivered to the West Bottom, Oulu University Hospital, Kainuu, Central Ostrobothnia, Vaasa, Seinäjoki, Kuopio, North Karelia and South Savo. At South Ostrobothnia Spektikor is in test mode.


Spektikor heart rate detector suits well as an alternative for ECG equipment for example in intra-hospital transfers. Renewed, with numerical display equipped model DHBI-2 that received a medical device approval in the autumn of 2014, suits better to the hospital environment, where the pulse monitoring and reporting is everyday routine for medical personnel.

At Finnish Defense Forces Spektikor is already used by most of the units: the disposable heart rate indicator is in test use at Upinniemi Armed Forces Special Operations Department and the Pori Brigade Conservation School during this spring. International crisis management forces of The Finnish Defence Forces took the first version of Spektikor into use already in 2012. Very positive experiences of first version has been gained from Ground Forces.

Spektikor can also be found from selection of Finnish company Medkit. Medkit is leading emergency medical products importer and online retailer.

As a new initiative Spektikor has been submitted to fire brigade units at Neste Ltd.’s Naantali and Porvoo refineries in case of major accidents. CEO Kari Kivistö from Spektikor tells:

Spektikor suits well to sites such as mines, shopping centres, factories and airports, that are obliged to maintain emergency readiness and prepare for major accidents. Spektikor-heart beat indicator should be basic equipment for everyone who works in first aid situation, as it significantly saves time in an emergency situation.

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