Use of Spektikor ECG-indicator expand to basic medical care

Spektikor Press release 30.6.2015 (pdf)

Oulu University Hospital has extended the use of Spektikor to basic medical care. During rush hours, the patients in need for constant observation wait along the corridor while Spektikor helps the medical staff to monitor patients’ condition efficiently. Monitoring is often needed also during patient transfer inside the hospital. The cordless and lightweight heart rate indicator is easily movable with the patient.

According to Juha Kippola, the assistant head of the Oulu region joint emergency services, the experience of the use of Spektikor is very positive: “The device is easy to operate the heart rate is well readable and effortless to report. It is also at advantage when patients are relocated inside the hospital or during rush hour when ECG monitors are scarce.”

Oulu University Hospital has collaborated on the development of the disposable ECG-indicator right from the beginning and put it into use when Spektikor was launched. At that time, the main application was at multi-patient situations, where several monitors are required.

“Cooperation with Oulu University Hospital has been vitally important to our product development. Identification of even the smallest practical needs together with the experts may bring large savings in the costs of the care chain” says Spektikor Oy’s Managing Director Kari Kivistö.