Spektikor® is the world’s smallest portable heart beat indicator

Saves time for essential care

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Spektikor® RAPIDA Indicator

Makes it possible to easily monitor a patient’s heart rate in any environment also on the move, in the dark and in noisy environments. A perfect aid for medical personnel in the incidents of multiple patients.

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Spektikor® RAPIDA Simulator and Trainer

  • For training use
  • Used for simulating real-life situations
  • The range of heart rate can be remotely adjusted by a trainer for different simulated patients
  • Works in all conditions
  • Usage with Android application.
Spektikor® RAPIDA Simulator
Spektikor® RAPIDA Trainer


Spektikor® RAPIDA Indicator (DHBI-2)


Heart Beat Indication




Packaging Size

The product is available in packages of 10 units.



Long term storage: 4 years between +0 – +35 °C (+32 – +95 °F).
Short term storage: 2 week between -25 – +60 °C (-13 – +140 °F).


  • Visualize a patient’s heart beat level with
    • LED lights (DHBI-1)
    • LED lights and a numeric display (DHBI-2)
  • Fast out-of-box readiness
  • Small, light and easy to use
  • Adjustable display luminance
  • Activate after removing starting stripe
  • Shelf life up to four years
  • Operating time and temperature
    • DHBI-1 over 20h -35 – +50°C
    • DHBI-2 over 6h -35 – +50 °C
  • Three electrodes
  • Portable and disposable
  • Packaged hermetically
  • Work in all conditions


  • Heart beat based heart rate measurement
    • range of 20-300 BPM
    • accuracy ± 2 BPM
  • Three integrated ECG-electrodes on the electrode membrane (AgCl)
  • Integrated heart rate measuring electronics
  • LED lights (DHBI-1) and numerical display (DHBI-2)
  • Blue LED light, easier for color blind users
  • LED-unit’s cable length 45 cm
  • Battery-powered
  • Water resistance class IPx5
  • BF-type protection


Manufacturer’s Declarations

EC Declaration

EMC Declaration

NATO CAGE Code A653G Spektikor concept with NATO Stock numbers
›› 6515-58-000-7434 DHBI-2
›› 6515-58-000-7436 DHBI-2 GRIP
›› 6515-58-000-7437 DHBI-T
›› 6515-58-000-7438 DHBI-T GRIP